Our Story

Sitting in her office in 2015, Selena was stuck.

She wanted to look stylish at work, yet still needed her clothes to be practical & adaptable. 

She wanted to be comfortable & warm, but hated the chunky & frumpy knitwear usually associated with corporate clothing.

She loved tailored jackets and sleek corporate style, but found that most of those items when bought off the rack were ill-fitting, restrictive and hard to work in.

She hated fast fashion for it’s low quality fabrics, half-baked design, strange fits and poor attention to detail. She wanted to create garments that would last past the first few wears - pieces that she would love and feel great wearing.

She needed a solution and to her it seemed simple; if she couldn’t find what she wanted, she would have to make it herself. Thus, the idea for Bourne Crisp began to take shape.

But where to start? By holding a ‘Project Runway’-esque competition at her office of course.

The challenge was put to the whole team: work in groups or as individuals to create a corporate-style dress that is comfortable, fashionable & flattering.

Many of her team were fashion design graduates, so were excited to get involved.

After many weeks of secret design meetings between Selena and each of her team members, the final garments were revealed. Five dresses were designed in total - they exceeded all expectations.

After that, there was no going back.  

Since then, the talented team at Bourne Crisp has worked tirelessly to develop a collection of clothing that is comfortable, flattering & stylish, to help you look and feel ready for whatever the day has to throw at you.

Whether it’s day to day items from our Classic Collection or more special occasion pieces from our Limited Editions - whatever your taste & style we’ve got you covered.